Let’s Feed Brum 2019
We are delighted that Let’s Feed Brum were able to buy so many sleeping bags with the proceeds from our Sleep Out Event in November

‘A Place to Call Home’ Project Update – Wednesday 3rd April 2019
A Place to Call Home’ was a community project set up to help a well-respected, and much appreciated member of the community, a person who would never ask or accept help in any form. We felt in our hearts that if we built a relationship based on trust and respect together with the right approach, understanding and patience their acceptance may come. Over the last 12 months we felt we were moving in the right direction, and most importantly at the pace of that person. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control and all of the options we have offered not been accepted, we have came to a standstill. We are in receipt of funds that were raised to support ‘A Place to Call Home’ and ask those who contributed if they would like us to:
1. Continue supporting other local causes that need and will accept help.
2. Pass on your donation to a cause of your choice.
3. Return your donation
On a positive note – All is not lost, due to additional support, help from individuals and businesses and events we have raised awareness and supported individuals and projects and will continue to do so when and where we can.
Get in touch through our website contact form or e: enquiries@achievetheincredible.co.uk.

Thank you

Side by Side Event, November 2018

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Reservoir of Values, Edgbaston,2018

The Reservoir of Values was a project that we supported in the Summer of 2018!

To hear more about it watch the video below!

Artsmile, Harborne, Summer 2018

Another fantastic community project that we sponsored in 2018.

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